John Carlson

These holiday hits have surprising history

Santa. Christmas Trees. Wreaths. Presents. Egg nog. A crackling fireplace.Just some of the holiday traditions that transcend fashions and fads. They are joined by a… Continue reading

Celebrating Christmas, without the political correctness

We’re still a long way out from Christmas, even though one Seattle radio station is already playing holiday music around the clock, and gift catalogs… Continue reading

How to drive a liberal woman crazy

I understand why some people oppose John McCain’s running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and why they disagree with her. But I’m astonished at the brazen hypocrisy of liberals (most of them women) who are seething with anger and hatred towards her. I’ve been around politics for 30 years and I’ve never seen such unhinged hypocrisy in all my life.

Hello? Teachers’ strikes are illegal

Now that the Bellevue teachers’ strike is over, it’s time to ask and answer a simple question: are teachers’ strikes acceptable?

Who will win, come November

Election day is still a couple months away but I’m ready to make some predictions on how our state will vote. I think Washington will cast its votes for Democrat Barack Obama for president and Republican Dino Rossi for governor. Here’s why.

It’s time to say no to bridge, tolls

When the Highway 520 floating bridge opened in 1963, travelers had to stop at a toll booth on the east side of the bridge and fork over 35 cents (close to $3 today). So much money came in that the toll was lowered to a quarter, and the tolls ended in 1979 after the bridge was paid for.

Vote for judges on Aug. 19

Judicial elections are different from all other elections in Washington State. First, if one of the candidates gets more than 50 percent of the vote in the primary, he or she automatically wins the race and it won’t appear on the November ballot. And second, most people don’t learn as much about the candidates as they want to know. But don’t worry. Heres who you should vote for in the Aug. 19 primary and why:

Brace for change this election | John Carlson

Elections in August? This usually is the time of year when columnists don’t write about politics because nothing is really going on. But not this year. Washington’s primary elections, which have been held the third week in September for generations, are now scheduled for the third Tuesday in August. And when you enter the voting booth, things will be different.