Todd Nuttman

No easy solutions to guns and gun control | GUEST OP

I love social media. Mainly to see what my too cute for words nieces and nephews are up to.

Trying to answer the call and stay current | Nuttman

I'll admit it. I'm fascinated with Facebook. I love the fact that I can reach out to old friends, ignore some of them, catch up with my 2,456 cousins and watch for the 500th time the video of the kitten who gets tickled and raises both paws in the air.

Take a shot, avoid the flu blues | Nuttman

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? If you haven't, you may want to expedite that procedure along, before it will be worthless.

Kent Cornucopia Days still delights the family | Nuttman

We had a superb time last weekend attending Kent Cornucopia Days. I say "we" because along with my lovely wife, we brought my nephew Alex along to help out with the eating.

Keeping our par 3 course is important | GUEST OP

It recently was reported in this newspaper that the city of Kent is pondering selling the par 3 golf course at Riverbend. This is a bad mistake on many levels.

Still backing my beloved Mariners | Nuttman

The Mariners are enjoying a spring training splash under the Arizona sun. Why should I care? The M's have disappointed me year after year.

Certain people drive me crazy | Nuttman

Recently in the news cycle, I've noticed more than a few accidents have involved senior citizens and their vehicles.

Time to mend our country's divisive ways | Nuttman

I was on FaceBook recently and was looking at what my cousins were up to. I have too many to list and too many to remember.

New promises for a new year: Columnist Todd Nuttman

Now that 2010 is in the rear-view mirror and 2011 is one exit away, I can shift my attention to the time-honored tradition of making my New Years’ resolutions.

Dear Santa, I don't want much for Christmas - Reporter columnist Nuttman shares his list

Dear Santa: Since I can wager your e-mail inbox is full already, I decided to go old school and write this on my Word document and print it, put a stamp on it and schlep to the post office where I stand in line for 20 minutes watching Gramps Muldoon, take five more minutes explaining to me the benefits of postal insurance.

Goodbye to Mariners legend Dave Niehaus

Rest in peace, Dave Niehaus. The Mariners voice for 33 years died of a heart attack the evening of Nov. 10. He was 75 years young. He was an idol of mine for all of those years; I always enjoyed listening to the play-by-play guys since I was old enough to work my AM radio. When I was a kid I did a pretty mean impression of Howard Cosell, and at my first Trailblazer game my first autograph was not for a Blazer, but for Blazer play-by-play man Bill Schonely.

Note to Mariners: Let the kids play

As I write this your Seattle Mariners are wrapping up a dismal year, losing 100 games and now planning golf vacations.

Sesame Street wrong to pull Katy Perry off episode

Do you remember this song? “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” Of course you do. Unless you have been living under a rock, sharing space with Mel Gibson, this was one of the shows of my generation and generations before and after. Now I’m afraid that after 41 years of educating youth, the head cheeses over at Sesame Street corporate have turned soft. They recently pulled a Katy Perry song for being inappropriate.

Dear Bill Gates: Bring the Sonics back

To Bill Gates @Microsoft Dear Billy: I am writing you this letter on behalf of the thousands of Seattle Supersonics fans everywhere. We are still sick over the way that Clay Bennett rode into town, money whipped Howard Shultz, wrote another $45 million check to get out of the rest of his lease, and left town with our only franchise to ever win a world championship. I’m surprised we didn’t let him take the Space Needle too.

Parenting time just flew by - and now she's 21

Soon I will be taking part in another rite of passage. In less than a month, my daughter will be turning 21. I will be taking up a complaint against the Big Skipper on this one, however. Just yesterday it seems she was wondering what shoes go with grape Kool-Aid stains. Just yesterday she was fighting with me about cleaning her ears in the tub. Now she is fighting me on a new place for an earring.

Nuttman on family reunions: They'll make you laugh; they'll make you cry

Recently I took the family to the Willamette Valley part of Oregon for a family reunion. Normally family reunions give me a case of the heebee jeebees. I have never liked them up front; it always takes me at least two beers to loosen up and start talking.

Valerie Bertinelli: Meet AARP's newest cover girl

Valerie Bertinelli recently graced the cover of AARP magazine. This fact alone has made me finally realize something that I hate talking or writing about. The fact that I am (gasp) getting old. Valerie Bertinelli is turning 50, and I can’t get my head around that.

Making the most of his man cave: Todd Nuttman

Did you know you can purchase your own “man cave”? I saw it myself on TV. For a few bucks you can enjoy the peace and serenity of your own manly space, complete with your own hot rod, big screen television and prized hat collection.

TODD NUTTMAN: How to thank your Dear Old Dad

As Father’s Day approaches, I’ve been giving some thought on what to get Dads out there. My own Dad passed away years ago, but I am a father, and since I still remember what it is like to give my dad a gift, here are a few ideas about what to get, or what not to get, Dad this weekend.

Thanks for the great years

‘The Kid' has left the stadium: So long, Griffey

Last week Ken Griffey Jr. did the courageous and probably hardest thing to do in his career. He packed up his locker and walked out the door of Safeco Field and retired.

Thanks for the great years