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Are you struggling to cope with the emotional rollercoaster produced by menopause? Regardless of the stage of menopause, the symptoms of this hormone imbalance are enough to give you more than a few bad days every now and then.

It’s not surprising that so many women resort to hormone replacement in their senior years to help them cope with these symptoms. However, there are risks associated with its use. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural, effective alternative to HRT?

Introducing EstroCare - The UK’s #1 Menopause Supplement Now Available in the US!

Now, there’s a way to beat the symptoms of menopause without resorting to hormone replacement. EstroCare offers you the most comprehensive natural hormone support formula available. One dose a day is all you need to eradicate hot flashes, stop sleepless nights, and fend off bad moods.

EstroCare is the UK’s leading menopause supplement, and it’s suitable for women who can’t take HRT. Hormone replacement isn’t for everyone, and EstroCare gives you a viable natural alternative to these drugs.

Menopause is a natural part of life, and there’s nothing we can do to avoid it. But going through life with this age-related hormone imbalance doesn’t have to be hell. EstroCare gives your body what it needs to compensate for the physiological changes you experience at this life stage.

EstroCare helps you cope with the symptoms of menopause, giving you real freedom from the clutches of hormone imbalance. Experience a better quality of life and enjoy your senior years.

Balance Mood & Conquer Brain Fog

EstroCare improves your hormonal profile and clears the brain fog clouding your mind. Regain control of your emotions and improve your memory and cognition.

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Improve Sleep Quality & Reduce Hot Flashes

EstroCare stops the symptoms of menopause, eliminating hot flashes. You get a stress-relieving effect on the nervous system that improves your sleep quality.

Protect Your Vaginal Health

The microbiomes in your gut are essential for maintaining optimal vaginal health. The probiotics in EstroCare help you retain a beneficial GI environment and reduce the spread of fungi like candida.

Boost Your Sexual Desire

The ingredients in EstroCare ignite your sex drive and send your libido through the roof. Improve your sexual performance and rekindle the intimacy in your relationships.

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What are the Hormone-Enhancing Ingredients in EstroCare?

EstroCare is a combination of 20 clinically proven ingredients. Thousands of women are already seeing results from supplementing with EstroCare, and you could be the next success story. This purposeful blend of organic ingredients is the best shot you have at eliminating the symptoms of menopause and improving your quality of life.

You’ll find the following inside every dose of EstroCare.

Hormone Enhancing Complex

The hormone-enhancing complex in EstroCare is the backbone of this proprietary formula. You get a select blend of ingredients purposefully curated to boost hormone production naturally.

100mg DHEA

This ingredient boosts estrogen production, helping you recover from hormone deficiency. DHEA improves bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis in menopausal women due to the drop in estrogen during their senior years.

DHEA supplementation is clinically proven to improve mood, enhance cognitive function, and boost feelings of well-being. DHEA supplementation increases your sexual desire, lifting your libido while enhancing your sexual performance.

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200mg 4:1 Maca

Maca has science-backed benefits for alleviating the symptoms of menopause. It reduces hot flashes, improves energy levels, and enhances mood. Its adaptogenic properties soothe the nervous system, reducing stress levels and production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

Supportive Micronutrient Complex

The foundational ingredients in EstroCare get support from this vitamin and mineral complex. The combination of herbal natural compounds and beneficial ingredients puts this supplement in the elite tier of hormone boosters for women.

EstroCare contains 5-HTP, ginseng, Siberian rhubarb, red clover, and cohosh. These ingredients help to balance the hormonal system and stop hot flashes. This blend supports the brain in producing more serotonin to improve your mood and balance your hormonal profile.

Probiotic Complex

EstroCare contains a probiotic complex featuring six million colonies of Lactobacillus gasseri and Bifidobacterium animalis. You get probiotic support for your gut health and the elimination of fungi like candida, improving your vaginal health.

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How Do I Use EstroCare & What Results Can I Expect?

EstroCare requires you to take a daily dose to experience the full benefits of this supplement. It takes around a week to feel the effects of the DHEA on your hormone profile, and the effects compound over the coming weeks until you feel great.

Most users claim they notice a boost in energy levels and an improvement in their mood in the first week. Symptoms of dryness and other vaginal issues will clear up in the first month of use and get better for the following two months.

The probiotic complex takes around a month to six weeks to produce proper results. It takes time for the beneficial bacteria in the formula to colonize your gut and reduce inflammation. However, when your GI environment is healthy, you’ll experience better digestion and less inflammation.

The complete ingredient profile takes around three months to accumulate to levels in your body where it operates at 100% efficacy. Once you reach the saturation point, it’s easy to maintain your levels with one daily dose of EstroCare.

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EstroCare - Pros & Cons


  • Get relief from the symptoms of menopause.
  • Improve your hormone profile without HRT.
  • Improve your feeling of well-being and quality of life.
  • Guaranteed results.
  • Direct-from-manufacturer pricing.


  • Limited-time special promotional price.
  • Only available from the official online store.

Order EstroCare on Promotion & Save

You won’t find EstroCare on Amazon or supplement stores; it is only available from the official online store. Fortunately, buying directly from the manufacturer gives you access to the best price possible for this potent estrogen enhancer.

The official EstroCare online store is currently running a promotion where you can save big on the retail price of EstroCare, and you get even bigger savings when you order bundle deals.

  • Order one bottle of EstroCare and pay $69.47. That’s a big saving off the regular retail price of $76.99.
  • Order two bottles of EstroCare and pay $129.19 ($64.95 each) and save $10.78 off the regular retail price of $139.97.
  • Order the three-bottle bundle of EstroCare and get one bottle free. You pay $182.01 ($60.67 each) and save $16.96 off the regular retail price of $198.97.

EstroCare is so confident you’ll love this supplement that it’s willing to offer you a 90-day guarantee on your purchase. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, refund your bottles for a full refund. You get a three-month risk-free trial of this potent estrogen enhancer.


EstroCare - FAQ

Q: Why is EstroCare different from other menopause supplements?

A: EstroCare is different from other menopause and estrogen-enhancing supplements. This proprietary blend covers your hormonal needs and keeps your estrogen levels in check, ensuring you get relief from symptoms like dryness and mood swings.

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Q: Is EstroCare suitable for all stages of menopause?

A: Yes. Some women can’t take HRT for health reasons. EstroCare offers you a natural alternative to HRT with no side effects. You’ll get relief from menopause symptoms, whether in perimenopause, menopause, or post-menopause.

Q: Is supplementing with EstroCare the same as using doctor-approved HRT?

A: No. HRT is an estrogen replacement therapy. EstroCare is a supplement and not a scheduled medication. EstroCare helps your body lift its estrogen levels naturally, giving you the same results as HRT without side effects.

Q: Do I need my doctor’s approval before ordering EstroCare?

A: No. EstroCare isn’t a prescription medication. You don’t need a doctor’s approval to order it. However, if you’re currently undergoing HRT or other hormone-related treatments, speak to your doctor before using EstroCare.

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