NEO Drops Review - Legit Weight Loss Formula or Serious Side Effects Risk?

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Sublingual weight loss drops have become the in-thing in the Weight Watcher community, with their popularity increasing tenfold over the past year. These drops are loved because they work by targeting the root cause of fat storage and unwanted weight gain: a slow metabolism.

Today’s review seeks to introduce you to Neo Drops - a weight loss formulation that can help you lose weight fast. Join us below to explore its ingredients, benefits, and where to buy it today at a discounted rate.

What Is the Neo Drops Weight Loss Solution?

Ongoing studies indicate that individuals who had weight issues before the COVID pandemic have recorded significant weight gain post-pandemic. These studies further show that close to 30% of those who had normal weights are now dealing with unwanted weight gain.

According to the researchers, this change can be linked to the prolonged periods of social isolation that the world had to deal with during COVID. There are signs that it can also be connected to the habits individuals adopted during this time.

With the pandemic gone and the return of normalcy worldwide, most obese people have started to look for solutions that can help them lose weight fast. Neo Drops is one such solution and is a product that has proven to be quite popular with users.

NEO Drops: Try it now, you won’t be disappointed!

Introducing Neo Drops for Weight Loss

Neo Drops is a revolutionary weight loss solution that supports accelerated fat-burning by harnessing the power of its all-natural composition to promote fast weight loss. Per its creators, these drops improve your metabolism and promote mental well-being.

On its portal, the creators have provided a list of the ingredients used in making it but have not provided detailed information on how each works to target stored fat reserves. From what we have gathered, this solution has the following elements in its composition:

  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Extract
  • Green Tea Extract

These four elements have been blended to produce Neo Drops weight loss formula.

Per daily intake 1ml NRV* Garcinia Cambogia 100mg Green tea extract 40mg Apple cider vinegar extract 60mg Choline Bitartrate 80mg L-Carnitine Tartrate 20mg ** Vitamin C 4mg 5%.

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Three Reasons Why Every Obese Person Ought to Take This Formula

Neo Drops provide a wide range of scientifically backed benefits thanks to its inclusion of naturally sourced ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia and ACV. A look at the customer testimonials reveals that these drops offer three main benefits:

Better Eating Habits

A general improvement in your eating habits is one of the benefits that come with using this formulation. Ideally, one shouldn’t eat because it’s lunch or dinner time but because they are hungry.

And while at it, they should ensure they consume an appropriate amount.

Look at it this way: your daily calorie requirements are around 2,500 calories for men, with women requiring approximately 2,000 calories. Now, look at the caloric content of some of your favorite snacks, e.g., shortbread cookies, which have a calorie content of 502 calories.

If you snacked on these cookies all day without eating anything else, the chances are that you would possibly surpass your recommended calorie intake before dinnertime. The question, therefore, becomes, ‘Why do you always feel an urge to snack all day?’

Well, this is likely because your body has become addicted to the starches, sugars, and chemicals present in these snacks. As such, when you snack, you feed your addiction to these chemicals rather than dealing with your hunger pangs.

Neo Drops will assist in curbing your cravings, enabling you to develop healthy eating habits.

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Accelerated Metabolism

An improved metabolism is perhaps the most crucial benefit of using this weight loss formula. The body’s metabolism refers to a series of processes tasked with breaking down glucose to support essential functions. Without them, you won’t have any energy.

Neo Drops can improve your metabolism by mimicking the functioning of the HCG hormone. The body produces this hormone in large amounts during pregnancy. Its presence ensures the body can burn its fat reserves to nourish the developing fetus.

The Neo Drops team has harnessed these benefits to assist individuals in burning stubborn fat.

Improved Energy Levels

Another crucial benefit of using these drops is a natural increase in energy levels. These drops can help your body cells release stored energy, ensuring you don’t experience notable symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and lethargy.

Besides improving your energy levels, these Neo Drops will give you a better sense of satiety. They offer better satisfaction than what you would experience from eating fiber-rich foods.

Purchasing Neo Drops

Neo Drops are available online from the official website. The product only ships in Europe, but that could change soon. Pricing depends on where you’re ordering from. Three and six-bottle packages come with free shipping. There is a 14-day return window. Please contact customer service if you have any questions about the return policy or anything else.

  • Email: support@purenutritionltd.com
  • Telephone: 01256 436363



Q: Why should overweight individuals strive to manage their weight?

A: If you flick through any glossy magazine today, you’ll notice that more and more people have started focusing on healthy living. While some people do it to get a better physique, you should note that losing weight has many health benefits.

Q: How can I place my order?

A: To purchase Neo Drops, you can visit the official website to select the number of bottles needed and to input your shipping information.

Q: How can I cancel my purchase?

A: The Neo Drops team quickly notes that it will not charge your credit card until your order gets shipped from the warehouse. Therefore, you can cancel your order anytime before this happens by contacting its customer support team.

Shipping often occurs on the same day, hence the need to make haste to prevent your order from going out. All canceled orders will be reimbursed within 15 days. Please ensure you follow the cancellation instructions to completion.


Many obese people have a hard time choosing the best weight loss solution. Thanks to Neo Drops, this is now a thing of the past, as these drops have proven effective in supporting better metabolic processes leading to fast weight loss.

Place your order right here for the best prices available!


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