Government corruption rampant

I have read your article on Sarah Palin several times (“Sarah Palin and the viper pit,” July 7 Kent News) and agree with a lot of it, especially the viper pit.

I thought McCain wasn’t the best choice for the Republican Party and as you point out, he had rotten campaign aids. There must have been a 747 full of media and democratic workers rushing to Alaska, 90 percent of whom were chanting “seek and destroy.” In fact it is still going on. I don’t know what Sarah’s plans are but I suspect getting hardened up on the national scene.

Sarah, I believe, would have made a good vice president. Sure, she had a few personal issues, as do most people: What do we know about the families of

our governor, our senators and representatives?

Could she fill the shoes of the existing vice president? No, and she wouldn’t want to. Biden has his foot in his mouth too often, he knows most of the lobbyists and is a master at diverting our money to special interests so he can get reelected. We know he was on the foreign affairs committee and look at our foreign affairs.

Ask anyone what Biden has ever accomplished, so I would say his shoes are filthy. There are 435 members in Congress, corruption is everywhere, they can’t accomplish anything because of their loyalty is to their party, their donors on Wall Street and large banks, but not to our country. They spend our money, they make the laws, they are the banking committee, the finance committee; not Bush or Obama.

We need some articles about the stimulus waste instead of, hurray, we received $$$$ for this and that. You can bet Patty Murray expects campaign donations in return. What about Brian Baird’s trip to the Galapagos Islands to check out global warming or his trip to check the damage in Palestine where he wants to give them $500 million of our money to help rebuild.

Yes, they will use some to rebuild, some in their bank accounts and the rest to buy more weapons so they can murder more Jews. He said they complained about the long wait at check points: I’m sure he was sympathetic and would recommend removing all check points; after all it’s been a while since they’ve blown up a bus full of Jewish kids, women and men. Doesn’t he realize that if the Palestinians stopped murdering the Jews there wouldn’t be any destruction at all?

Rod Anderson


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