Let’s Keep ShoWare about choices


Since most of the readers’ letters regarding Lingerie Football (an entertainment sport) seem to be concerned that the picture is on the front page for them or their children to see, hopefully the message has been received by the newspaper - don’t put pictures like those on the front page, keep them on the inside.

If I were a gambling woman I would bet that the majority of the children don’t actually read the newspaper. To see what this world is coming too all you have to do is turn on your TV where, during supposed family viewing times, a lot of the shows and commercials use sexual connotation and/or innuendo to attract their viewers and sell their products. Walk the halls of your children’s schools and see what the kids are wearing. You may decide to home school. Keep your kids away from stores and malls. Never take them to a park or especially the beach - just think of all the skin they would see there and the possibility of seeing men and women touching each other’s skin and, heaven forbid, kissing with so much skin showing.

It doesn’t seem like there have been that many readers expressing outrage and objection. Those who want to protest are then protesting the freedom of choice. The choice to buy tickets to an event that you choose to attend and the choice to not buy tickets to an event you don’t want to attend. It would be like protesting at a movie theatre where they are showing G, PG, PG-13, and R rated movies all in the same place. Just blindfold your kids until you get them in their G-rated movie seats so they won’t see the posters for the other movies that may show some form of sex or violence.

On the other hand, you could just rent movies that you approve of (don’t take the kids to the video store to choose the movie) and keep the kids at home.

The ladies who choose to play Lingerie Football do just that - choose. They don’t run around the community in their game attire. They won’t be at the ShoWare when you take your kids to see the circus (unless they are also there to see the circus, at which time they would be in their everyday clothes and you won’t know who they are anyway).

I have been a proud citizen of Kent for more than 20 years. It has been nice to watch it grow. I am glad that I will be able to drive to the ShoWare for my son’s graduation and not have to go to Tacoma where we went for our last two sons’ graduations. The ShoWare is definitely a family center. It offers you entertainment that you can choose to take your kids to, while still offering entertainment options for other citizens of Kent and the surrounding area. If you want a place where the primary focus of entertainment is for kids, go to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Just keep them away from the game where they have to hit a gopher (or whatever it is) on the head. Don’t want to teach them violence.

The ShoWare is both about community and about money - it is “Show Business.” It is the entertainment promotion company’s responsibility to offer a variety of shows to the community so they can sell enough tickets to support the building, which is a business. There aren’t 6,000 individuals who can afford to buy tickets to every event. If there were then they would have the say in what events would be offered at the center; every event would be sold out because of those 6,000 individuals, and the rest of us would be left driving to Tacoma or Seattle or Everett for entertainment and supporting those communities.

I like the option of having a variety of shows to choose from, buying tickets to the ones I want to and can afford to attend, and then driving down the hill, park for free, and attend the entertainment I choose to attend and support my own community.

Laurie Dunn


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