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Would you want to harness the power of your subconscious mind with ease? Introducing The Law of Genesis, a revolutionary program that focuses on providing success and abundance by simply writing down one sentence. The scientifically proven program taps into the power of the universe to grant your desires.

Keep reading the following Law of Genesis review to learn more about it.

What is The Law of Genesis?

The Law of Genesis is a digital program that uses the power of visualization to manifest your desires. It helps many manifest true wealth and abundance. All you have to do is write down one sentence in a foreign language allowing you to attract what you need.

According to the website, The Law of Genesis is the world’s most powerful and fastest manifestation method. You don’t have to be religious to use The Law of Genesis. It works for everyone, whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Jew, atheist, or a Muslim.

The program only requires you to keep an open mind and believe in the soul. It is easy to activate, with no need for affirmation or vibrations. The author claims that The Law of Genesis is based on the belief that the universe responds to our thoughts and intentions, making it easy for our desires to exist.

The Law of Genesis emphasizes that individuals have the power to transform their lives through their thoughts and beliefs. It taps into the limitless potential of the universe, harnessing the power of your subconscious mind and reprograms it to success and abundance.

The program is backed by years of scientific research, which will guide you towards the transformation journey. It comes with instructions that guide you on how to implement the program.

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The Creator of The Law of Genesis

The creator of The Law of Genesis is George Thompson, a Veteran who transformed from a beggar into a millionaire using the program. While George was away, his mother died, and upon coming home, he discovered that his fiancé was cheating on him.

George was hurt and called off the wedding. As if the betrayal wasn’t enough, he was taken to court and lost everything, including his home. George took solace in alcohol and his situation worsened. He moved into a motel and soon depleted his savings. George was kicked out and forced to sleep in the streets. One day while taking food from the shelter, he encountered a man who would later transform his life.

The strange man was also a Veteran, just like Thompson. The stranger, Mr Calton, decided to treat Thompson to a decent lunch in a luxurious five-star hotel filled with the elites in the city.

While in war, Mr. Calton was tasked with protecting Project Seraphim, based on the law of genesis borrowed from John Dee. Calton claims that the law of Genesis led to many successful wars that changed the world’s fate.

Upon retiring, Calton used the law of genesis to attract abundance and wealth. His last wish was to help others know about the law of genesis. When Calton met Thompson, he knew he found the right messenger to pass the information to as many people as possible.

George Thompson started writing his desires, and slowly, everything started coming into existence. He won a lottery, decided to invest in the stock market, and his net worth blew up. As George started seeing results, he kept his word, promising to help people learn about the Law of Genesis.

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How Does The Law of Genesis Work?

The Law of Genesis does not require you to visualize or depend on vibrations to work. You only have to write one sentence to activate the Law of Genesis and align your thoughts with the universe. It forces the universe to grant your desires. Mr. Calton recommends writing your desires for at least 11 days since 11 is an angel number.

11 is also a scientific number. Scientists revealed that it takes 11 days to tap into your subconscious mind. The Law of Genesis works with the virtual cortex in the brain that allows you to visualize and manifest your desires.

The Principles of The Law of Genesis

Here are the key principles of the program:

Visualization- when you write your desires, The Law of Genesis helps you focus on detailing the results in your mind. It helps you dive deep into the imagination and emotions linked with attaining your goals and desires.

Positive thinking- while visualizing, having a positive mindset and believing that your dreams will happen is important. It helps clear negative thoughts and self-doubt.

Intention setting- you need to set your goals and intentions. That way, you will focus in a specific direction, leading you to attain your goals.

Action- The Law of Genesis emphasizes taking the necessary steps to attain your desires. The steps are important for your mental and emotional aspect.

Alignment with the universe- when everything is done and you have a positive mind, the universe rewards you. It aligns with your visions and goals as long as you are open and receptive.

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The Benefits of The Law of Genesis

Harness the power of belief- people who use The Law of Genesis believe they can attract anything unattainable. The program cultivates a positive mindset, which reprograms your limiting beliefs, replacing them with an abundant mindset.

Expand your creativity- the Genius Mind, a bonus guide with The Law of Genesis, triggers growth and helps expand your mind, resulting in immense creativity.

Align your thoughts with the universe- The Law of Genesis facilitates the manifestation process by aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with the universe. Creating harmony effortlessly attracts the life you want.

Provide holistic growth- The Law of Genesis offers success in various aspects of your life including health, career, relationship, spirituality, and more.

Fulfillment and purpose- besides providing wealth and abundance, The Law of Genesis empowers you to break free from your limitations and harness the limitless potential the future holds. It aligns you with your purpose, enabling you to live a fulfilled life.

Instructions: The Law of Genesis is a full codex with instructions that are easy to understand and implement.

Break the cycle of debt- The Law of Genesis helps you break free from the cycle of debt by pushing you to attain limitless abundance and wealth.

Transform your life with the power of visualization. Get The Law of Genesis today!


George Thompson spread The Law of Genesis as fast as possible and started with his close friends and families. His friend Mike used The Law of Genesis and started attracting immense wealth. Mike became the top sales rep breaking the company’s records. In less than six months, Mike was promoted to a managerial position.

George also gave The Law of Genesis to his friend Emma, an upcoming struggling musician who had tried everything to find a big break. Emma started writing down her desires, and her dreams came true. In a matter of time, one of Emma’s songs went viral and got millions of views, causing a big record label to sign her. Emma became a superstar within a span of three months.


  • The Law of Genesis comes with a 100% refund policy that guarantees a full money-back guarantee if don’t find the program beneficial;
  • The program comes with full codex instructions ensuring you get everything right;
  • The Law of Genesis works for everyone regardless of their religion, nationality, or background;
  • The Law of Genesis is a digital program that only requires downloading it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.


  • It takes time for The Law of Genesis to start working;
  • The Law of Genesis is only available on the official website.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

You can purchase The Law of Genesis online on the official website at a discounted price of $67.

The website allows you to make payments through PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover.

The Law of Genesis creators promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures you get a full refund if you are unhappy with the results. All you have to do is hit the refund button and wait for the money in your account.


The Law of Genesis comes with the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: The Genius Mind - the ebook created in collaboration with a leading neuroscientist at MIT targets the occipital lobe, which houses the visual cortex. It unlocks a new level of cognitive function, supports the growth of your brain, and improves your IQ. The book lets you tap into a new world of creativity and divine intuition.

Bonus 2: The Divine Fuel- the ebook gives you access to ancient foods and oils that will unlock your power of manifestation. The foods open the manifestation pathways and clear your mind connecting you with the universe. It makes your connection stronger, enabling you to manifest greater things.

Don’t miss out on these bonuses!


The Law of Genesis is a unique program designed to help individuals tap into the limitless power of the universe by manifesting their desires. The program focuses on your subconscious mind helping you to transform your thoughts and beliefs.

The revolutionary program aligns your thoughts with the universe and offers holistic growth in various aspects of your life. It teaches that you have the power to reshape your life and your destiny.

The Law of Genesis requires you to write one sentence and repeat it for 11 days, and you will begin to receive great rewards from the universe. It boosts your IQ and cognitive skills and eliminates block points that prevent your dreams from becoming a reality.

Step into the limitless potential of the future today using The Law of Genesis!


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