The Real RFK Jr Review: A Story Of An American Icon's Truth

  • Friday, February 23, 2024 5:43pm
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The Real RFK Jr. Documentary movie brings the biography of a hero, Robert Kennedy Jr., who spent years defending the poor, families, and children against corrupt officials, government, and big pharma. The film tells Bobby’s uncensored life, including his victories, losses, and heartbreaks. Jeff Hays welcomes everyone to enjoy the movie and change the course of the upcoming election.

Here is a detailed review of The Real RFK Jr. Film that helps you discover what the documentary movie is about before watching it.

What is The Real RFK Jr. Film?

The Real RFK Jr. Film is a film that tells the story of an American Icon, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., based on the book by Dick Russell. The film’s producer is Jeff Hays, who brought “The Real Antony Fauci Movie.” The film promises to tell the Truth about the life of one of America’s intriguing figures.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was known for defending families and children against corruption in the government. He was also an environmental lawyer and an activist. A lot has been said about RFK Jr., and that’s why Jeff Hays brings a truthful cinematic journey that will help viewers search for the Truth.

Discover RFK Jr.’s Legacy Instantly!

The Real RFK Jr. Film helps you witness the power of truth amid media bias and misinformation. It gives a story of resilience and conviction many powerful people don’t want you to know. The producer Jeff Hay claims that CNN, CIA, and President Biden wish the story of RFK Jr. remains untold.

The documentary reveals personal journals, unpublished information, and exclusive resources about RFK Jr. that help search for Truth and clear rumors. Jeff Hays believes that The Real RFK. Jr. Film will change your perception of the controversial figure.

The beautiful film may turn out to be the most dangerous film of 2024 because of the people who tried to silence RFK Jr. You will learn about the enemies in the first five minutes of the film. The Real RFK Jr. Film reveals the Truth about the murder of Robert’s father, uncle, and cousin and shocking information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can get The Real RFK Jr. Film for free by registering on the official website. Then, you will receive a link in your email on where to see the film.

About Jeff Hays

Jeff Hays is an award-winning film producer and author who gained popularity from the films Fahrenhype 9/11, On Native Soil, and The Real Anthony Fauci, and a documentary based on the biography of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Jeff lives in the Mountains of Utah with his wife, with whom they have 11 children and many grandchildren. The executive producer claims he didn’t know how to read when he was a kid, and his mum got him a tutor. From there, Jeff developed a love for reading. He liked reading books about biographies in their school library.

When Jeff Hays stumbled upon The Real RFK Jr. book by Dick Russell, he knew he had to make it a movie. The documentary reveals all the misinformation about the life of Robert Kennedy Jr. Jeff Hays teamed up with Dick Russell to help share the Truth, which gives exclusive access to RFK Jr.’s personal life. The film covers everything from addiction, activism, courtroom, takedowns, tragedy, heartbreak, arrests, victories, and more.

Get Inspired by RFK Jr.’s Story!

According to Jeff Hays, The Real RFK Jr. Film is the most accurate and honest adaptation of the real book.

What you will learn in The Real RFK Jr. Film

  • The film explains the fight RFL Jr. carried out on behalf of the oppressed Americans;
  • Robert’s fight against the wealthiest corporations on earth;
  • RFK Jr.’s journey to helping people recover their land;
  • The Real RFK Jr. film reveals how various media houses and politicians have censored Bobby. The film also helps viewers learn that the more they censor Bobby, the more he is loved;

Uncover Truth about RFK Jr. Today!

Here are some fun facts about The Real RFK Jr. that the film reveals:

Fact one: Protecting people from the big Pharma profit machine- during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the government was silencing everyone, Bobby released the book The Real Anthony Fauci.

The book exposes the lies and greed surrounding Bill Gates, Fauci, and big pharma to get billions on vaccine profits. Using the internet, the book sold and received over 19,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. The film reveals how the pharmaceutical industry is more powerful than nations and politicians.

Fact two: Decades of blood, sweat, and tears spent protecting the purity of our air, water, and soil while defending the children’s health- The Real RFK Jr. has many court files against the world’s most powerful corporations. Some of the victories are:

1997- Bobby sued Mobil Oil for polluting the Hudson River;

2007- rural communities in West Virginia won $396,000 after a chemical plant contaminated their water with zinc;

Watch RFK Jr.’s Untold Story Free!

2013- together with his son, Bobby protested against the construction of pipelines against native lands and protected wilderness;

2018- Bobby successfully obtained $670,000,000 for people in West Virginia whose water was contaminated with C8 from industrial dumping;

2022- Bobby provided $11,000,000,000 compensation to farmers, their families, and employees exposed to pesticide roundup.

Fact three: Anyone who Knows Bobby knows Americans can rely on him- Bobby is committed to giving Americans hope. He reminds people of when their voices mattered when there was happiness and liberty, and when there wasn’t war.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

The Real RFK Jr. Film is your opportunity to learn the Truth about Robert Kennedy Jr. Jeff Hays provides a free world premiere of the documentary on February 19, 2024. All you have to do is register your name and email on the official website. You will receive a link that directs you to where you can watch the film.

If you have any questions about the link, contact the customer support team at info@therealrfkjr.com


The Real RFK Jr. Film is a documentary that will change your perception of Robert Kennedy Jr. You will discover important facts about him, what he has been fighting for, his addiction, victories, heartbreaks, and more.

Jeff Hays’ documentary reveals why media houses, politicians, and pharmaceutical industries are trying hard to censor RFK Jr. The film provides interesting facts, including Bobby’s lawsuits against powerful corporations and corrupt politicians, endless greed in the government, families affected by pollution in their drinking water, and the tyranny of corruption that destroys the lives of Americans.

The Real RFK Jr. Film is a comprehensive visual representation that provides a deeply personal tale of tragedy, heartbreak, and addiction. Jeff Hays collaborated with Dick Russell, the author of The Real RFK Jr. and Bobby’s friend, to give an accurate representation of the life of Bobby.

The documentary is free for everyone who wants to see America great again. It gives hope to people who want to recover their health and freedom.

Register to watch The Real RFK Jr. Film on the official website.


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