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Advanced Telomere Support is a daily supplement that helps consumers to slow and potentially reverse the effects of aging without putting the body through more stress. The formula uses natural ingredients that have a proven effect on DNA’s telomeres, increasing the odds of success.

What is Advanced Telomere Support?

Everyone wants to enter their golden years with grace and wisdom, but they also don’t want to lose their ability to be physically active. Maintaining a certain level of physical activity is necessary for the strength of muscles and bones, but these movements get harder with age. Some people think that this lack of range is something that they have to simply accept about their changing body. In reality, there’s a change that they could make with incredible effects.

In a study by NASA, authorities examined the effects that space had on Scott Kelly and their identical twin brother, Mark. The study examined various biomarkers between the twins to see how drastically they differed after traveling into space, taking particular interest in their telomeres.

Telomeres shorten over time as cells continue to divide in the body. As users get older, their body is incapable of reproducing the telomeres with the same consistency, which means that users won’t have the same performance. The scientists at NASA expected this process to happen as Scott Kelly went into space, worrying that the stress on his mental state and physical body would age at an incredible pace. The actual results showed a much different reaction, causing the body to grow longer telomeres.

The key to replicating this magical aging solution is by putting the body through better dietary and activity changes, but the creators at Advanced Bionutritionals decided that they could help. With the launch of a new product called Advanced Telomere Support, consumers can make a drastic difference. The formula combines the use of multiple ingredients that encourage the production of a particular enzyme linked to telomere length.

With thousands of people already experiencing the benefits that Advanced Telomere support offers, the opportunity makes it possible to gain the benefits that users never expect to happen. It isn’t a topical skincare product, and it doesn’t require any invasive method to reap the reward. If the user has time to swallow a vitamin in the morning, that’s the only change they need to make.

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What’s in Advanced Telomere Support?

The only way to activate these effects is with the right blend of ingredients. Each one plays a key role in the support that users need to lengthen telomeres and stay just as sharp as they ever were. The ingredients include:


Astragalus root is the ingredient that leads this formula, using nutrients used in traditional Chinese medicine. It helps consumers improve their energy levels, but the creators included it in this supplement because it activates telomerase. Telomerase is the enzyme that the body needs to increase the strength and length of telomeres in the body.

This ingredient helps users to improve their immune system. It reduces the risk of colds and respiratory infections, though it has also been linked to reduced respiratory infections. Some people use astragalus for the support that it offers the liver.

Terminalia Chebula

Also referred to as Haritaki, Terminalia chebula is renowned for the healing ability it has over the body. It soothes irritation throughout the body, reducing inflammation and helping wounds to heal faster. When researchers started to look into the impact that this ingredient has on aging, it showed that Haritaki can help with the length of telomeres. When exposed to UV rays, the cells shorten at a reduced rate, helping consumers to slow their aging.

Haritaki is sometimes used to help with skin infections, skin problems, eye problems, and more. It helps consumers improve their insulin resistance, and it reduces high cholesterol that could otherwise cause issues with the heart.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the best remedies for anyone who wants to reduce the stress that they endure on a regular basis. When the body deals with stress, cortisol levels rise. The cortisol levels start to cause oxidative damage throughout the body, causing it to reduce telomerase production, which means that telomeres get shorter at a faster pace. Experiencing stress ages the body greatly, but the soothing effects of Rhodiola Rosea help users to reduce this anxiety.

When consumers use this formula to reduce stress, they also reduce fatigue and depression symptoms. It improves the stamina and energy of users, and it can even promote better athletic performance.

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N-Acetyl Cysteine

To further eliminate the toxins, consumers get the support of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). NAC helps users to improve the production of a compound called glutathione. Glutathione is an incredible antioxidant that the body naturally produces, but the process of aging causes the production to slow. When the body restores the typical production of glutathione, it can properly lengthen telomeres to help with the aging process. The only way to achieve this production is with NAC.

Researchers have looked into the effectiveness of NAC against memory conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. It also helps users with addictive behavior.

Broccoli Seed Extract

Broccoli seed extract contains a special compound called sulforaphane. This natural antioxidant helps with the purge of free radicals and pollutants that inhibit the healthy lengthening of telomeres. It helps users to manage their cholesterol levels, supporting their heart health. It also increases the production of telomerase to increase the length and strength of telomeres.

Using this extract can reduce the toxins that the body gathers from many sources, including the ones absorbed through tobacco use. It can reduce the effects of cigarette smoking, and it might help users reduce the risk of lung cancer if they’ve already stopped smoking.

Blueberry Extract

To round out the entire Advanced Telomere Support formula, there’s blueberry extract. This extract helps users to further increase their antioxidants to ease the stress on the entire body. Since oxidative stress can impact proteins, lipids, and DNA, keeping it under control is the only way to maintain the body’s function properly. With too much oxidative stress, consumers struggle to produce telomerase at the same pace, and blueberry extract is the key.

Blueberries contain a special compound that helps to activate cells that have remained dormant as the body aged. Eating them on their own won’t give these antioxidants in a high enough concentration to help with aging, but using this extract in the supplement is the ideal way to get the necessary support.

Purchasing Advanced Telomere Support

The only way that consumers will be able to purchase this formula is through the official website. No pharmacies or retailers currently offer it, ensuring that users can effectively get the real product. The website offers a few different packages, depending on how many of the bottles the user wants to order. The packages currently include:

  • 1 bottle for $49.95
  • 3 bottles for $134.85
  • 6 bottles for $249.00

To ensure that consumers get the experience that they want, the creators allow users to get their money back if the results aren’t exactly what they hoped for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advanced Telomere Support

Q. What does Advanced Telomere Support do?

A. The Advanced Telomere Support formula is meant to help consumers improve the way that their body ages.

Q. What’s in Advanced Telomere Support?

A. This supplement only includes a few necessary ingredients, which are astragalus, Terminalia chebula, Rhodiola rosea, N-acetyl cysteine, broccoli seed extract, and blueberry extract.

Q. How much of the Advanced Telomere Support formula should be used at once?

A. Each day, the user will need to take a serving to get the desired effects.

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Q. Are there any side effects when using Advanced Telomere Support?

A. No. This formula nourishes the body, helping consumers to improve their health with continued use. There are no side effects associated with any of these ingredients, and they all come from reliable sources.

Q. What makes Advanced Bionutritionals such a trustworthy brand?

A. This brand specifically focuses on using their trusted relationships with manufacturers to prepare their remedies. They put all products through lab testing, and there are multiple quality control tests during the production process.

Q. What’s the money-back guarantee?

A. The money-back guarantee states that users can return their bottles - empty or full - for a complete refund. Customers will need to cover the cost of shipping, but they can reach out to the customer service team to make the return arrangements.

To reach the customer service team with other questions, call 800-791-3395 or send an email to feedback@AdvancedBionutritionals.com.


Advanced Telomere Support provides consumers with a way to reduce the damage that aging does to the body. The formula is easy to use each day, though consumers will need to be consistent to get the desired results. Users will just need one serving a day to get the desired results. The effects get better when users continue to take it, but no other changes are needed. Consumers who don’t get the results that they want can return the products within 90 days for a full refund.

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