Bible of Alternative Medicine Reviews (Ralph La Guardia) Is It Legit or Not Worth It?

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Some people rely on herbal and alternative medicine to prevent and manage common illnesses. The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic revealed that healthy immunity is crucial in fighting infections.

The Bible of Alternative Medicine is purportedly a medical breakthrough that can set you on the path toward a long healthy life. What is inside the book? Are the herbal remedies in the guide practical? What are the benefits of using the Bible of Alternative Medicine?

About the Bible of Alternative Medicine

Research shows that most pharmaceutical drugs are expensive and dangerous. The Bible of Alternative Medicine claims to help you restore your health without expensive prescription drugs, harmful side effects, drug addiction, and endless doctor’s appointments.

The remedies in the Bible of Alternative Medicine can supposedly cure some cancers, restore eyesight, support healthy aging, and heighten your overall wellness. The author, Ralph La Guardia, refers to the book as the encyclopedia of natural healing that works better and more effectively than actual medications.

Dr. Ralph la Guardia is an accomplished American-based author. The Bible of Alternative Medicine is a compilation of over four decades in the medical field. He maintains that the encyclopedia of natural healing can help you stay healthy and slow aging.

Most of the remedies in the Bible of Alternative Medicine are available and inexpensive. The book combines modern medicine practices with alternative medicine to provide viable options that support health. The book reveals where to source natural nutrients to restore physical and mental wellness.

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What is Inside the Bible of Alternative Medicine

Dr. Ralph argues that there is more power in natural medication than in actual pharmaceutical drugs. However, unlike modern medicine, you need to apply most of the natural remedies in your daily life. For example, consuming natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals can protect you against multiple health problems. Further, replacing the modern high-carb and high-calorie diet with naturally growing foods and herbs can accelerate healing and bolster your immune system. The Bible of Alternative Medicine is a practical book containing over 300 pages of research on the best regimens for managing and possibly curing complex health problems.

A Super-Nutrient Capable of Replacing a Shelf of Supplements (Astaxanthin)

According to Dr. Ralph LA Guardia, the super nutrient is a potent immune booster, over 6000 times more effective than ascorbic acid. Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant and immune enhancer. Also, it is 800 times stronger than COQ10 at eliminating free radicals. Furthermore, the super nutrient is an anti-cancer and anti-aging ingredient 500 better than green tea.

Dr. Ralph La Guardia states that astaxanthin can kill cancer cells, support vision, fight mental problems, supercharge energy levels, improve skin health, and boost cardiovascular health.

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Benefits of Astaxanthin

According to Dr. Ralph, astaxanthin is a super algae with multiple jaw-dropping benefits. Research shows that it can treat various chronic problems, including:

  • Treat Alzheimer’s: Astaxanthin can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, hence slowing or reversing mental decline. It nourishes weak neurons, augmenting the users’ memory, focus, learning, and other cognitive abilities.
  • Slow the Effects of Parkinson’s Disease: Astaxanthin is proven to strengthen the muscles, improve memory, and alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In the Bible of Alternative Medicine, the author claims that super algae is more effective and practical than prescription medicine. It does not cause disorientation and nausea like most pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Slow Aging: Astaxanthin supports collagen regeneration and enriches the fatty tissues. It can keep the skin firm, radiant, and hydrated. The Bible of Alternative Medicine reveals that the super nutrient smoothens wrinkles, improves skin tone, and can slow the aging process. Some research shows that astaxanthin can protect against sunburns and damage by UV radiation.
  • Enhance Energy and Endurance: Astaxanthin is a natural metabolic booster. The algae keep the salmon and other sea creatures active throughout. Using astaxanthin regularly battles chronic fatigue. It can fuel your system, giving you the power and motivation to push your limits.
  • Kill Certain Cells: Several studies suggest that astaxanthin can reduce the growth of breast and skin cancer cells. It can facilitate healing and reduce the risks of cancer.
  • Support Sight: You can reverse and treat age-related macular degeneration using astaxanthin. The alga nourishes the cells in the eye, thus enhancing vision.

The Bible of Alternative Medicine reveals the best place for getting potent astaxanthin. The book also explains the best way of utilizing the super algae, ensuring you get maximum benefits.

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Anti-Diabetes Herbal Blend

Millions of people die because of diabetes-related complications. The Bible of Alternative Medicine reveals simple methods and herbs to help you maintain healthy glycemic ranges. The herbal blend is purportedly cheaper than insulin prescription. Additionally, Dr. Ralph insists the various herbs aid you in controlling the blood sugar ranges without giving you side effects.

Natural Detoxification Remedy

It was during WWII that the French Army discovered a blend of nutrients that can mend your blood levels and support detoxification. According to the author of the Bible of Alternative Medicine, the active ingredient is sourced from the ocean and can help regenerate blood cells and improve your overall wellness.

A Blood Pressure Balancing Vegetable

Hypertension can be challenging to manage. The Bible of Alternative Medicine reveals a tasty and versatile vegetable that can regulate your blood pressure. Dr. Ralph explains the simple method of preparing the vegetable to derive its blood pressure-lowering benefits.

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Anti-Cold Mineral

Some people get the typical cold several times a year. Dr. Ralph La Guardia claims modern medication can weaken your immune response, putting you at risk of developing complications even after minor ailments like the common cold. The Bible of Alternative Medicine explains a natural mineral designed to knock out the common cold within a few minutes. The book provides information on a simple home remedy that can help you fight the flu.

Weight Loss Treat

The Bible of Alternative Medicine discloses a sweet treat that can enrich your system with vitamins and support weight loss. The delicious treat aims at combating cravings while turbocharging your fat-burning metabolic rate as you sleep.

Anti-Aging Secrets

On page 11 of the Bible of Alternative Medicine, the author discloses the “three sisters” that ancient Americans used to keep the body strong and healthy. The super nutrients optimize the functioning of the muscles, metabolism, immune system, digestive system, and bones.

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Depression-Lowering Oil

Unmanaged stress is associated with multiple health problems. According to the Bible of Alternative Medicine, a special oil can lower anxiety levels and protect you against depression.

A Complete Guide to Mushrooms

Dr. Ralph explains the best mushrooms to eliminate anxiety, excess pounds, and insomnia. The medicinal mushroom can amplify your wellness and guard you against chronic infections.

Benefits of the Bible of Alternative Medicine Guide

The information on the Bible of Alternative Medicine can help adopt healthy diet and exercise routines. It equips you with simple knowledge of the food, herbs, and spices that keep you healthy and happy. According to Dr. Ralph La Guardia, the book reveals:

  • Proven methods of improving your mental wellness
  • Herbal remedies for dealing with seasonal allergies
  • How to improve your physical health
  • How to accelerate healing
  • How to grow old without experiencing chronic health problems


You can buy the guide copy of the Bible of Alternative Medicine only through the official website. The creator offers other bonuses as part of the promotion. The Bible of Alternative Medicine currently retails at $29.00 and is available for download as soon as the payment has been completed. Every purchase also comes with the following free bonus downloads:

  • Exercise Without Effort
  • The Lord’s Cookbook
  • Natural Health Secrets from the Bible

A lifetime guarantee backs the Bible of Alternative Medicine. For additional questions, please contact customer service at:

  • Barb@healthylivingassociation.org


The Bible of Alternative Medicine is comprehensive and user-friendly. It contains quality information on the best herbs and foods to augment your health. Utilizing the knowledge from the book can minimize your dependence on modern medicine and keep you healthy.

According to Dr. Ralph, the guide transforms you into a “patient who can heal yourself.You can buy the Bible of Alternative Medicine through the official website. A 60-day refund policy protects your purchase.


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