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As a society, we have officially moved past wanting to be ultra-thin to wanting to be as strong as possible. This is part of why the protein supplement industry experienced a boom, not to forget its ability to increase satiety. With a growing body of evidence suggesting increased muscle development and strength, it’s no surprise that people are now considering its consumption. How can anyone overlook new protein supplements since they are hitting shelves worldwide?

Despite increased saturation, finding “clean” protein supplements is either a hit or a miss. Ensuring that whatever is consumed provides the body with complete nourishment is essential. Our team of researchers wanted to pinpoint a solution that contains protein while at the same time equipping the body with nutrients. Luckily, we were able to narrow down our options to one. This review will investigate HRD // KLL Food for Life and how it aims to stand out from the rest.

What is HRD // KLL Food for Life?

HRD // KLL Food for Life is proclaimed as an all-in-one shake that is high in protein and provides organic and glyphosate-free nutrition. The creators, Organifi, acknowledge that protein is one of the main building blocks of muscle. This led them to source the highest quality proteins from plants and animals. Besides protein, HRD // KLL Food for Life is formulated with natural vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and superfood boosters. Put differently, the creators have attempted to develop a shake that essentially provides users with critical components that support a healthy life. In what form are these components available? To answer this, we need to navigate the ingredient list.

What are the main ingredients inside HRD // KLL Food for Life?

The main ingredients inside HRD // KLL Food for Life include:



Collagen is animals’ most abundant form of structural protein. It mainly comprises amino acids such as glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. The human body naturally produces collagen, which can be found in connective tissue, skin, tendons, bones, and cartilage. However, aging diminishes the body’s ability to continue production at peak levels. Luckily, with supplementation, individuals can anticipate healthy replenishment.

Studies have linked collagen supplementation to improved skin hydration and elasticity and reduced visible signs of wrinkles. Moreover, it has been demonstrated to support bone health, especially helping those suffering from the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Pea Protein

Pea protein is extracted from yellow peas and viewed as high-quality. It is a beige powder created by isolating protein from ground yellow peas. This is a common ingredient in many protein supplements and shakes because it contains all nine essential amino acids the body can’t produce. These amino acids promote healthy blood flow, heart health, and muscle growth.

A 12-week study examining the benefits of consuming pea protein (50 grams daily) reported that the same amount of muscle growth was witnessed as the group that consumed whey protein. Additionally, pea protein is rich in iron, which is critical for overcoming anemia, managing unexplained tiredness, delivering oxygen to the muscles, boosting cognitive function, and controlling restless leg syndrome.

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Butter Powder

Butter powder is ground-up, dehydrated butter. Butter is a controversial ingredient regarding health due to its high fat content. However, it is an excellent source of many vitamins, particularly fat-soluble ones. These vitamins include vitamins A, D, E, B12, and K2. Existing research that explored the effects of high-fat dairy products on overall well-being has generally concluded that said products may help decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart-related problems. Although there are benefits worth celebrating, it all boils down to consuming in moderation.

Maple Sugar

Maple syrup is extracted from maple trees and is mainly consumed in North America. Maple sugar stems from cooking the syrup until its water content is reduced and a sugar-like substance is created. The syrup form has been used instead of refined sugar because it contains a rich source of minerals (i.e., calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and manganese) and antioxidants.

Speaking of antioxidants, researchers have identified 24 different types, all trusted to help the body neutralize the effects of free radicals and lower oxidative stress and inflammation. These factors alone are responsible for some of the most detrimental chronic illnesses people continue to face.

Organic Pumpkin Protein

Organic pumpkin protein results from ground or blended pumpkin seeds. This is a powerful ingredient, seeing how an ounce contains an average of 18 grams of protein, fiber, and minerals. Truthfully, pumpkin protein is considered as close to a complete protein source as possible because it contains eight essential amino acids.

This ingredient also contains a rich source of iron and antioxidants, both critical for health, as demonstrated in previous ingredient overviews. As for benefits unique to pumpkin protein, one study revealed how it might prolong the expansion and spread of prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer cells.

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Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa oleifera is a tree that originates in North India and has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries. The powdered form is blended dehydrated moringa leaves, supposedly comprising well-known healing powers. Specifically, these leaves contain several vitamins and minerals like vitamins B6 and C, iron, and magnesium. Regarding benefits, this ingredient might act against free radicals, lower blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, regulate cholesterol (increasing the excellent kind and decreasing the bad), and protect against arsenic contamination (an issue shown to increase cancer and heart disease risks).

Organic Broccoli Powder

Broccoli is a green vegetable belonging to the plant species known as Brassica oleracea. It is popularly known as a superfood due to its nutrient makeup of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and many other bioactive compounds. On top of this, broccoli also contains one of the highest amounts of antioxidants, allowing the body to manage oxidative stress efficiently. Some studies have shown that broccoli’s antioxidant nature may help reduce the risk of heart attacks. For those who suffer from constipation, its rich source of fiber has been proven to boost healthy bowel function.

Organic Carrot Powder

According to WebMD, Carrots are a root vegetable that contains beta carotene, fiber, vitamin K1, potassium, and antioxidants. Due to the availability of carotenoids, it is believed to help reduce the risk of cancer, lower blood cholesterol levels (a well-established marker for heart disease risk), promote weight loss (by increasing fullness and lowering caloric intake), promote eye health and (and possibly reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration).


Lucuma is a fruit from the Pouteria lucuma tree originating in South America. Its flavor is supposedly comparable to a mix of sweet potato and butterscotch. In the context of health, lucuma is known as the “gold of the Incas” because it has been used as a remedy for many health ailments for years while increasing sweetness health-consciously. Surprisingly, this ingredient can protect the body from free radicals, regulate blood sugar levels, and promote heart health.

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Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan sea salt is a type of salt that is extracted near the Himalayas in Pakistan. It is said to be less processed (because it is removed by hand) than conventional table salt, resulting in more minerals and nutrients. Speaking of nutritional profile, Himalayan sea salt is the only one to offer up to 84 minerals and trace elements, some of which include potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

Digestive enzymes are crucial as they support the body in breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The HRD // KLL Food for Life blend contains Amylase, Protease, Lipase, and Cellulase. First, we have amylase, an enzyme that helps break down starch into simple sugars. Then there’s protease, an enzyme that breaks down protein into small peptides and amino acids.

From there, we have lipase, which breaks down fat into three fatty acids and a glycerol molecule. Finally, cellulase is best known for breaking down cellulose into simple sugars. Without these four components, waste that should leave the body will remain, causing indigestion (and related symptoms).

Soluble Tapioca Fiber

Tapioca is a starch derived from cassava root, an ingredient native to South America. It is naturally grain-free and gluten-free, making it a suitable ingredient for all restrictive diets. While tapioca may not possess a rich nutrient profile, it does contain resistant starches, which increases its potential to benefit overall health. Resistant starches feed the good bacteria in the gut, ultimately reducing inflammation and the quantity of harmful bacteria. It might also help regulate blood sugar levels and promote a feeling of fullness, significantly impacting weight management goals.

Grass Fed Whey

Whey is a complete protein found in milk. The type used in HRD // KLL Food for Life is supposedly extracted only from the milk of cows that have grazed on grass. In terms of whey, it is nothing but the liquid that separates from milk when cheese is produced. As a result, individuals have a protein source that is highly digestible than other proteins. Based on existing research, whey is superior due to its ability to promote muscle growth and strength and prevent age-related muscle loss.

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HRD // KLL Food for Life Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is HRD // KLL Food for Life Safe?

A: HRD // KLL Food for Life is believed to be made from high-quality ingredients that are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, glyphosate residue-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. Organifi claims that all their blends are manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility, which ensures that every product is well-tested. Individuals are strongly encouraged to contact their physicians for more health-specific questions before use.

Q: Who is HRD // KLL Food for Life Meant for?

A: HRD // KLL Food for Life is meant for anyone looking to increase their protein intake while increasing their daily intake of nutrients, fat, and digestive enzymes. The FDA does not regulate the supplement industry. For this reason, pregnant or breastfeeding people or taking medications will need to sit down with a physician. The same holds for children whose parents want to increase protein intake.

Q: Is HRD // KLL Food for Life Allergen-free?

A: HRD // KLL Food for Life is manufactured in the same facility as other Organifi blends. Some of these blends contain coconut. Therefore, those with coconut-related allergies are asked to be mindful of this and to verify the labels for any cross-contamination information.

Q: Is HRD // KLL Food for Life Keto-friendly?

A: Many consumers following a keto diet have reported enjoying HRD // KLL Food for Life, as it is low in sugar and carbohydrates.

Q: What are the Benefits of Consuming HRD // KLL Food for Life?

A: HRD // KLL Food for Life is believed to be a complete protein containing vitamins, nutrients, and digestive enzymes. Hence, individuals can expect to feel full for longer and energized enough to get through any workout or daily task. A healthy physical transformation can also be expected with a consistent diet and workout regimen.

Q: How Should HRD // KLL Food for Life be Consumed?

A: Mixing two HRD // KLL Food for Life scoops into 8 to 10 ounces of any beverage base is recommended. Individuals can either resort to water or almond milk to keep the calories to a minimum.

Q: How Long Will One HRD // KLL Food for Life Bag Last?

A: Each HRD // KLL Food for Life bag contains 30 servings or 60 scoops. If consumed daily, one bag will last one month.

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Q: Does HRD // KLL Food for Life Come in Different Flavors?

A: HRD // KLL Food for Life can be purchased in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

Q: Does HRD // KLL Food for Life Have an Expiry Date?

A: Unopened bags of HRD // KLL Food for Life should have a shelf life of two years. Once opened, it should be stored in a cool, dry place and consumed within 90 days.

Q: Can HRD // KLL Food for Life be a Meal Replacement?

A: It is not recommended to use HRD // KLL Food for Life as a meal replacement because it does not have the necessary calories to make it a complete meal, but it is excellent as a snack.

Q: How do I Track my HRD // KLL Food for Life Order?

A: Customers will receive an email confirmation once an order for HRD // KLL Food for Life is placed. Another email containing a tracking number will be sent when shipments are made. The support team can be reached by email at support@organifi.com for more on track.

Q: Are HRD // KLL Food for Life Orders Protected Under a Money-back Guarantee?

A: Organifi created HRD // KLL Food for Life to provide individuals with sufficient components to live a nourished life. If individuals do not experience advertised benefits or are simply unsatisfied with its nutrient content, they have 60 days to request a full purchase price refund. For more information on the eligibility requirements, customer service must be contacted promptly by:

  • Email: support@organifi.com
  • Phone: (760) 487 8587

How Much Does HRD // KLL Food for Life Cost?

Each HRD // KLL Food for Life bag is meant to last a month. Since protein intake is imperative, individuals may want to consider investing long-term. The benefits of the latter have been clearly illustrated in the pricing below:

  • 1 HRD // KLL Food for Life bag: $133 each
  • 3 HRD // KLL Food for Life bags: $122.30 each
  • 6 HRD // KLL Food for Life bags: $119.24 each

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch with them at support@organifi.com.

They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee return & refund policy

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Meet the Creators: Organifi

Organifi was created by people passionate about making a healthy lifestyle attainable and accessible to everyone. The creators noticed that most supplements on the market aren’t wholesome and don’t necessarily deliver on health promises. Organifi develops solutions integrated with superfoods to ensure customers receive as many nutrients as possible.

As for its origins, Organifi was getting a lot of attention the moment the team accepted one challenge: developing a green juice formula packed with superfoods yet delicious. The rest was history! The team developed other formulas, offering nutrition coaching and recipe guides and bringing together a community of like-minded individuals for continued learning.

Organifi is committed not only to human health but also to the environment. The latter is evident in their decision to use ethical farms for ingredients, sustainable packaging, and their efforts in planting trees to reduce their carbon footprint.

Final Verdict on HRD // KLL Food for Life

HRD // KLL Food for Life is more than a protein shake. It has also been formulated to include a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and digestive enzymes, tackling different aspects of life together. After digging into each ingredient, it became clear that the creators equally emphasized antioxidants, since excess oxidative stress and inflammation in the body have been repeatedly reported to have negative consequences on the mind, body, and, with time, the soul.

This, of course, is just one aspect, as each ingredient has something unique to bring to the table. For those looking to enhance their weight management goals, HRD // KLL Food for Life offers optimal nourishment and increased satiety, may support recovery from exercise, and improves gut health. Seeing how the gut is linked to several organs in the body, Organifi’s route to wellness seems quite valid.

It’s heartwarming to see a company that takes health seriously for humans and the planet (by reducing their carbon footprint). Ultimately, HRD // KLL Food for Life embodies a passion for life in all forms, making it a no-brainer investment in your health.

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