Nerve Shield Pro Reviews (New Report) Is It Effective or Not? Truth Exposed!

Are you a victim of neuropathic pain? If your feet feel numb or your hands feel tingly, it’s a sign that you have nerve damage and the onset of neuropathy symptoms. Neuropathic pain is hard to live with, and patients can find the pain so disabling that they can’t even get out of bed in the morning.

Doctors treat this disorder with medications and, in some cases, surgery. However, you don’t need drugs and surgical procedures to help you cope. Nerve Sheild Pro offers you a natural way to manage the symptoms of neuropathy and overcome the pain associated with the condition.

Introducing Nerve Shield Pro - Eliminate Pain & Improve Your Quality of Life

Professor Michael Peters, a chemistry professor in Richmond, Virginia, formulated Nerve Shield Pro to help people overcome their issues with neuropathy pain. This supplement targets the MMP-13 enzyme, which is the cause of neuropathy, nerve pain, and nerve degeneration.

MMP-13 degrades the myelin sheath, the protective coating around your nerve endings. Professor Peters specifically formulated Nerve Shield Pro to lower levels of the MMP13 enzyme and stop symptoms of peripheral, distal, and diabetic neuropathy. With regular supplementation, you rebuild your nerves and block pain symptoms with lasting results.

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What are the Nerve-Rebuilding Ingredients in Nerve Shield Pro?

Nerve Shield Pro contains a combination of eight natural ingredients clinically proven to offer relief from nerve pain.

Biletin (Alpha Lipoic Acid)

ALA has antioxidant properties that raise glutathione levels. This master antioxidant lowers levels of systemic inflammation in the body and nervous system, reducing pain symptoms.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract

Studies show this mushroom extract features adaptogens that help the body cope with stress. It lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol and limits the production of noradrenaline, which activates the fight-or-flight response in the body. Lower stress levels help your body repair the damage to nerve endings and alleviate pain symptoms.

B Vitamin Complex

Multiple studies reviewed show that supplementing with B Vitamins can lead to a significant improvement. Nerve Shield Pro contains a combination of critical B vitamins. You get a dose of folic acid (vitamin B9), methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), riboflavin (vitamin B2), and benfotiamine (vitamin B1).

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How Do I Use Nerve Shield Pro & What Results Can I Expect?

Take two capsules of Nerve Shield Pro in the morning with breakfast. You can use this supplement with or without food. You won’t see immediate results with Nerve Shield Pro. It may take around two to three months for the ingredients in the formula to build to levels in your system where it starts to soothe the pain and show real results.

However, testimonials on the official online store show that most people experience a reduction in pain symptoms after six to eight weeks of consistent use. The effects continue to compound, and many users are completely pain-free after 12 to 16 weeks of consistent supplementation with Nerve Shield Pro.

  • A blend of natural ingredients to eliminate neuropathic pain permanently.
  • Repair and restore nerves and nerve function.
  • Improve circulation to the feet, hands, neck, and shoulders.

Order Nerve Shield Pro on Promotion & Save

Professor Peters wants to help as many people as possible overcome their neuropathy and rebuild their nerves to live pain-free. That’s why he limited the distribution of this potent supplement to the official online store.

By ordering from the online store, you get the best price possible, with a discount on the regular retail price. There are even bigger savings if you take a three or six-bottle bundle for a 90-day or 1980-day supply.

  • Order one bottle of Nerve Shield Pro and pay $69.
  • Order the three-bottle bundle and pay $59 per bottle (order total $177).
  • Take the six-bottle bundle and pay $49 per bottle (order total $294


You Qualify for Free Bonuses when Ordering Bundle Deals!

When you order the three or six-bottle bundles of Nerve Shield Pro, you get the following two bonuses with your order. These eBooks are available via digital download after completing your purchase.

Bonus #1 - “The Neuropathy Code: 7 Days to Freedom” (Value $97)

This eBook guide has tips on improving your routine to rebuild your nerve endings and stop neuropathic pain. You’ll learn about four types of fat that restore nerve function and seven beverages you must avoid to prevent the degeneration of your condition. Learn the best foods to include in your diet to improve your results with Nerve Shield Pro.

Bonus #2 - “The Smarter Blood Sugar Protocol” (Value $49)

This guide gives you tactics for managing your blood sugar levels. You’ll learn about the seven nutrients critical for your nerve health and why most Americans aren’t getting five of them in their diet. Discover nutrients that boost insulin production and improve insulin sensitivity while removing metabolic waste.

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Nerve Shield Pro - FAQ

Q: What are people saying about their results with Nerve Shield Pro?

A: Professor Peters conducted beta trials on Nerve Shield Pro with 54,000+ participants testing the formula. The results show this supplement is effective at controlling pain in people with diabetic distal and peripheral neuropathy. If you’re not happy with your results, send your bottle back for a refund within 180 days of purchase.

Q: Can I use Nerve Shield Pro alongside pain medication for my condition?

A: Yes. The ingredients in Nerve Shield Pro don’t interact with medications and won’t cause any adverse effects. However, as the levels of the ingredients build in your system, you’ll become less reliant on your pain medication. It’s important to scale back on the drugs as you see results with your supplementation.

Q: Should I consult my doctor before supplementing with Nerve Shield Pro?

A: If your doctor is treating you for neuropathy pain, tell them about your plans to supplement with Nerve Shield Pro. Give them the ingredients label and ask them if there’s any reason you shouldn’t take it.

Q: Is Nerve Shield Pro a safe supplement?

A: Yes. A chemistry professor formulated Nerve Shield Pro. You get an effective supplement manufactured in a cGMP FDA-approved facility in the United States. There is no cross-contamination of ingredients in the manufacturing process, and all components have mountains of clinical evidence pointing to their efficacy in managing neuropathy pain.

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